Service and Calibration

We perform service and calibration of both fixed detectors and portable instruments. In most cases we use traceable gas cylinders but also, when the situation demands it, we create, by chemical reagents, unusual gases or gases that rapidly breaks down and cannot be stored in cylinders.

We are brand independent for calibrations and can in most cases also make adjustments to the sensor / instrument.

Our laboratory in Värmdö is accredited according ISO 17025 and quality management and traceability permeates our entire organization. For instrument GPD 3000 we offer calibration according to accredited method at two concentrations.

For other instruments, we offer calibration using traceable gases (except in cases where the gas must be chemically generated) and according to the manufacturer’s method.

For calibration, repair and service of handheld instruments, please send them to:

FAB detect AB
Älvsbyvägen 8
139 52 VÄRMDÖ

Please include following information, or use our Service & Calibration template:

Return address
Invoice address
Invoice branding
Contact person (with phone number)

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