Personnel protection

Personnel protection may consist of either small portable devices which detects suitable gases or fixed installations with or without a central unit.

FAB detect AB delivers easy to use portable detectors with 1-4 sensors and a battery life that covers a day. A usual combination is a detector for 4 gases (H2S, CO, O2 and LEL%) which is suitable for work in confined spaces, general industry, sewage work, rescue work, etc.

We can also supply portable detectors for personnel protection for other gases, such as arsine, phosphine, NOx, etc.

In environments, such as laboratories, cleanrooms, industry, hospitals, etc. we have extensive experience in fixed installations with sensors, control units, and actuators (sound / buzzer / gas shutdown).

We can supply smaller systems for 1-4 sensors with a small central (e.g. oxygen guard) to systems of over 100 sensors and advanced control of ventilation, evacuation alarm and emergency shutdowns.

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