Oxygen Monitoring Solutions

It is a very important safety issue to detect the absence of oxygen, which can occur in facilities with a lot of gases that can push away breathable air. This applies, among other things, to handling cool samples in liquid nitrogen or dry ice, as the amount of gas that arises can become very substantial very quickly. Especially nitrogen and argon are extra treacherous since they have no odor or other properties that make them noticeable before the oxygen is displaced. This is extra dangerous when working alone, or in facilities with poor air circulation.

FAB detect AB provides oxygen monitoring solutions from a number of suppliers and techniques. We can either detect the lack of oxygen or the displacement gas, depending on the situation. We can also detect excess oxygen.

Examples of situations in which an oxygen monitor can be needed are:

  • Liquid nitrogen (LN2)
  • Freezers with dry ice/carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen
  • Refrigerant in e.g. AC plants
  • CO2 in industry and brewing industry
  • O2 cylinders

Please contact us if you have any questions or want to know more.

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