XP-3110 is a portable leak detector with integrated pump for flammable gases such as methane, propane, ethanol, hydrogen, etc. Explosion proof structure.
The display shows continuous measurement both digitally and with a simulated analogue scale.
It is an easy to use and cost effective solution for monitoring where there is a risk of explosion.


IncludedXP-3110, Soft case, 4×AA alkaline dry cells, Gas sampling hose (1m), Probe with filter/moisture trap, spare filters
Detection PrincipleCatalytic combustion
Detection Range0-100%LEL
Indication Accuracy
(Under identical conditions)
±5% of full scale
Alarm Set Value20%LEL
0-10%LEL (L range)
0-100%LEL (H range)
Alarm IndicationGas alarm: Intermittent buzzer, Red lamp flashing
Trouble alarm: Buzzer, Red lamp flashing, LCD display
Operation Temperature−20 to 50℃
Power Source4×AA alkaline dry cells
WeightApprox. 450g (excluding batteries)
Optional accessories2-30m gas sampling hose, Gas dilution probe, Data download software (CDROM software and USB cable)
DatasheetLeak detector - XP-3110 (PDF)

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