SH-4004-WAD is the largest model in the WAD family for up to four sensors. Each sensor has a separate pump making the 4004 a good option for cleanrooms where one or more gases are to be detected at different locations in the room. There are other WAD options if only one or two sensors are required. Other benefits of the SH-4004-WAD is that it has built-in data logging, integrated alarm and that it is compatible with almost any sensor combinations. Possible to connect with Profibus-DP, Modbus and SIMS communication.


  • A good option for measuring several gases at different compartments in the same space
  • Possible to connect with a pyrolizer
  • An excellent choice for cleanrooms
  • Available for scrubber applications
  • Can be combined with almost all sensors
  • Available in different models for 1-4 sensors


Sensor typesElectrochemical cell, IR, catalytic combustion, PID & CEC technic
Sampling methodSuction type with four individual pumps
Target gasAccording to the TG availability list
Measuring rangeAs per specification
External outputCustomer selectable 1 or 4 x 4-20 mA, 2 wire screened
SensorsUp to 4 different sensors
Accuracy+/- 5%
Flow controlsOptical/ electronic
DisplayDigital display and simulated analog scale
Power supply24V DC
Operating temperature0°C to 40°C
Alarm indicator4. Matrix programmable output relays card optional
for: Alarm1, Alarm2, Error & Warning.
SizeApprox. 164x330x184 mm
DatasheetGas detector - SH-4004-WAD (PDF)
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