FAB detect AB has extensive experience of gas detection systems in cleanrooms, and has of today a large number of detectors installed in the Northern Countries. In addition to detecting hazardous gases, we also work a great deal with detecting the absence of oxygen, which can occur in facilities with a lot of gases that can push away breathable air. This applies, amongst other things, when handling cool samples in liquid nitrogen (dry ice), as the amount of gas that arises can become very large very quickly. Primarily, nitrogen and argon are extra treacherous since they have no odor or other properties that make them noticeable before the oxygen is displaced. This is extra dangerous when working alone, or in facilities with poor air circulation.

Through the connection to our parent company FAB Support AB, we also have years of experience dealing with gas purification, with associated endpoint detection (EPD), and have a good understanding of the processes that are typical in the semiconductor industry. We can detect the vast majority of gases that occur in cleanrooms, as well as provide leak detectors and portable instruments.

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