Environment, Health and Security (EHS)

FAB detect takes the environment seriously, and we are happy to be able to deliver gas detector systems that first and foremost is for personal security, but also protects the environment from emissions. We are actively working with branches that are striving towards solutions for renewable energy, and we think that our products and services makes a difference. We offer to take care of and recycle the electronic products we have sold, at no cost, in line with Naturvårdsverkets regulations.

We often work in facilities where our health is at risk. Therefor, we educate our staff and always make sure that adequate safety equipment is available. Continuous education in CPR is also maintained in the company.

Safety and health aspects are closely bound together, and we put an emphasis on that in our internal training. We deliver gas detectors made for personal safety and for a lot of situations, so this is a natural part of the business.

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